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  • The book “Trans-Siberian Times” is in press

    The Trans-Siberian Times book is being printed. Each pre-order will receive a bonus to thank you for your trust. You can pre-order now: 1) Online on the website of the Greens Editions: Book here 2) By printing the order form and following the instructions (complete and attach a check) “Trans-Siberian Times – Purchase Commande.pdf” See […]

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  • Technical News Site

    This site www.legroux.eu has undergone a major renovation to adapt to the new world of Internet standards. It is now bilingual – English and French – and Russian is being added so that the Russians have partial access to the series: Trans-Siberian Times. The site is designed to be accessible to web browsers on PCs, tablets […]

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  • Harlem Intimate

    Portraits a Harlem

    The writing is simple, within a block of houses around the intersection of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd (Street 125) and Malcolm X Blvd, take the time to observe the inhabitants and visitors of the place so highly charged history. The question of the fight for freedom. Day and night the pretext of taking […]